In Santarém (Portugal), the Diamantino Pinho agency has just delivered a contemporary house open to nature. A bright and authentic villa that immediately stands out for its minimalist architecture.

It is in a residential area of ​​Santarém that the architects of Diamantino Pinho built the Casa Santarém, a refined villa open to the surrounding countryside.

This villa with brutalist accents is organized so that it is suitable for the life of a family. The living space revolves around a patio with swimming pool, thus separating the common rooms from the private area. The large living room and the friendly lounge are located in the center and are open to the outside, while the bedrooms are located at the other end of the villa, in order to ensure real privacy for each inhabitant.

By working with the materials, the architects used a very refined language. Inside, wood warms raw materials or immaculate walls. The different uses of this material also create a common thread throughout the villa. Only a few touches of color, distilled sparingly in the furniture, enliven the rooms. 

A serene and comfortable villa.

Visuals: © Ivo Tavares Studio


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