Although the last few months have been marked by the closure of cultural venues, some daring scenographies, which have remained in the draft stage or have been produced, still manage to stand out. The one imagined by Paf Atelier for the Abbey of Fontevraud (49) particularly caught our attention with its pop aesthetic and its unique layout.

In collaboration with Countach Studio, Paf Atelier has created a minimalist and efficient scenography for an exhibition at the Abbey of Fontevraud which has unfortunately been canceled. For this project, Paf Atelier wanted to transform the abbey into a contemporary exhibition space, thus diverting its primary function. 

For this project, the studio has chosen to approach the theme of the nativity in a singular way. Inspired by the theme, the designers imagine a colorful and pop device to exhibit the sculptures. This set is made up of several geometric volumes, each illustrating the different sub-parts of the theme. The whole is completed by a carpet and original luminous signage made of neon lights. The interest of this scenography lies above all in the fact that the designers have chosen to energize the space with clean colors and shapes.

Beyond blending harmoniously with the building, the scenography aimed to immerse the spectators in an unprecedented aesthetic experience.

To learn more, visit the site Paf workshop et Countach Studio.

Visuals: © Simon Geringer


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