On the occasion of the fifth edition of the Festival des cabanes aux sources du Lac d'Annecy (74), the architects Alice Cecchini and Roman Joliy, the founders of Atelier POEM, created the Chapel of Tears. Overview of an original spiritual place.

Located in a clearing in the heart of the mountain in Saint-Ferréol in Haute-Savoie, Atelier POEM's chapel of tears is a small wooden pavilion of 10 square meters. This all-wood-clad cabin is a “secular chapel”, in other words a shelter conducive to reflection and meditation.

Built by the architects in collaboration with local volunteers, the Chapel of Tears bears witness to an admirable economy of means. It is a tall and narrow parallelepiped, a wooden structure carved lengthwise in its center. This 20-centimeter fault crosses the roof but joins the two openings. These act as the front door and window. The side facades, parallel to the stream, are blind and punctuated by an alternation of wooden battens.

The exterior of the cabin treated with the Japanese technique of burnt wood, " shou sugi ban " or " yakisugi », Contrasts with the light colors of the natural wood of the interior. During the competition, the Atelier POEM cabin stood out for its formal simplicity and its use of wood.

The Chapel of Tears invites visitors to have a sensitive experience of the place and the surrounding nature.

To know more, visit the Atelier POEM website

Visuals: © David Foessel


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