The 30 May 5 2016 June, D'Days festival transforms the capital observation platform, discoveries and exchanges on the challenges and prospects of the design sector, including the co-creation of a course sports by Unqui Designers and residents of the Plaine de l'Ourcq.

Wishing to participate in the construction of an innovative territorial development, the Days In answer the call 2015 the East territory Together for temporary occupation of the Plaine de l'Ourcq.


A new method of design of public space and its possibilities when design bridges the gap between users, manufacturers and decision makers.

Supervised by the collective Unqui Designers, people express their needs and desires, sketching over workshops reflections assumptions which are then problematized, schematically and maquettées. Designers are with the people in their thoughts, so that they can implement future projects for their own territory and their own uses.

The first three participatory workshops emerged a customary mastery, specifications participatory expenses for the development of a project designed by the Unqui.

This project is part of the program "Design and Territory", a program created by D'Days with the support of East Ensemble of Sequano, the Department of Seine-Saint-Denis, the Departmental Committee of Tourism of the Seine Saint-Denis, the Departmental Committee of the Olympic and Sports Seine-Saint-Denis.

The obstacle course will be inaugurated the 30 5 May to June as part of On Days and welcome the summer animations open to all.

Muuuz and ArchiDesignClub are partners of TO Days. You will find in a dedicated section all the activity related to the event.

To learn more, visit the On Days.

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