On the Days Festival in coproduction with Panerai, propose this year an expedition to the dimensions of the cold light through a retrospective of the work Daan Roosegaarde, exposed to the Decorative Arts Museum.


Uses and techniques of light traveled history, revolutionizing our lifestyles and our daily activities. Contributing to the new era of artificial light, LEDs and luminescence are following the candle, incandescent bulb and fluorescent.

For over 10 years, Daan Roosegaarde out research on the relationship between man, space and technology and is particularly interested in light.

His projects react to human behavior: heat, touch, movement and sound. The light is no longer considered a light, it is immanent and finds himself in his relationship to man. His work, often interactive, forges links between the work and the visitor, and also between the visitors themselves.

Luminor, Daan Roosegaarde at the Decorative Arts Museum, 103 75001 Rue de Rivoli Paris, Tuesday 31 05 May to Sunday June 11h00 to 18h00, free entry.

In the Days of the festival moved to the Museum of Decorative Arts. Here the whole programming.

To learn more, visit the On Days And the one of Daan Roosegaarde.



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