On the occasion of the Days of the festival, Bernard Chauveau Edition and the Higher School of Art and Design in Reims (ESAD) invest the Decorative Arts Museum and have a selection of unpublished work of young designers from the School .

The first time ... when the idea becomes an object


Through experimentation, research on materials and shapes, the object and its use, students young designers are constantly working issues of development, diversion, travel, translation. This unique partnership between the publisher and the School, committed long-term to exceptional items of joint publication designed by the students in question for most of their first edition.

A first collaboration allowed to edit in 2015 3 the work of graduates also will be presented: the mirrors of Geoffrey Pauchard and Bastien Mairet, movable partitions Pan Biwei. Editions made, limited to 10 copies reflect a state of mind: sensitive, poetic, cheeky and clever.

Bernard Chauveau and ESAD Reims at the Decorative Arts Museum, 103 75001 rue de Rivoli Paris from May 31 05 June 11h00 to 18h00, free entry.

In the Days of the festival moved to the Museum of Decorative Arts. Here the whole programming.

For more information, visit the website On Days Festival And the one of Bernard Chauvau.


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