930. This is the number of architectural firms that will open their doors throughout France on October 19 and 20. A unique opportunity for those involved in the discipline to meet the general public, to exhibit their creativity, to convince of the need to call on their know-how, all in a good mood and conviviality.

For two days, nearly 1 architectural workshops will welcome the curious, amateurs or even enthusiasts to discover a profession still too little known to the general public. Each in their own way, the agencies will reveal behind the scenes of the profession and the rich panel of achievements that their practice encompasses: from the smallest projects to titanic equipment, including heritage rehabilitation and of course individual homes.

The watchwords of this fifth edition of course still organized by the National Council of the Order of Architects: openness and conviviality! Thus, in addition to the presentation of workshops, the event will take many forms thanks to its extension to the public space: visits to construction sites and delivered projects, concerts or even urban walks will be on the program to draw a more complete portrait of the profession. . In addition, educational activities are planned for children, as in some primary classes in the urban area of ​​La Rochelle, where schoolchildren will be invited to imagine windows, each more original than the other under the attentive and benevolent eye of the team from CAUE 17 and five local architects. As for the older ones, they will not be outdone: many agencies will offer to extend these days around a drink or a film screening. To find them, nothing could be simpler: go to the website of the Architects Open Their Doors!

Architects open their doors, the 19 and 20 October 2018, throughout France.

To learn more, visit the site of the Architects Open their Doors of the National Council of the Order of Architects

Photographs and illustrations: CNOA

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