Scheduled for the Design City LX Festival at the Cercle Cité Gallery in Luxembourg, Minute Papillon is the first major exhibition dedicated to French designer and artist Florence Doléac. Although it ends this Sunday November 4, this retrospective as funny as spiritual is worth to linger, at least for a minute, butterfly ...

French artist of Toulouse origin, Florence Doléac is part of these jack-of-all-trades that we would be ill advised to try to fit into a category. Design, visual arts, layout of space ... Each discipline interests it, if it represents a fertile ground to the imagination, the pleasure and the mischief.

To discover urgently before it closes its doors this Sunday, Minute Papillon is the first major retrospective devoted to Florence Doléac. But beware ! The proposed corpus is far from being conventional. Among the works presented, some will destabilize you, like Professor Of Funès - a bouquet of rose whose hues have escaped to give way to those of the earth -; others might shock you, such as the allusion to Signal Handle for a toilet door, shaped like a turd; some finally will have fun, among which Pom Pom Dust, duo of feather dusters proudly suspended and intended to transform the sessions of dusting in moment of delirium and exhalation ...

The only thing that is certain is that you will get out of there at once amused and relaxed. Maybe you will even have a different vision of the design. Because the greatest talent of Florence Doléac is to achieve the desecration of this discipline while delivering a discourse built and critical ...

To learn more, visit the site of Florence Doléac 

Photographs: DR

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