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09.03.15  Bestor Architecture: Beats California Offices

The start-up Beats experienced a very rapid growth since its inception in 2006. The company appealed to the California studio Bestor Architecture to design a large building allowing it to collect in Culver City all its research, design and development, several hundred employees.

02.03.15  Rocco Borromini: Headquarters of VG Offices in Italy

VG Offices requested the Italian architect Rocco Borromini in 2014 to design its new offices in the small town of Berbenno di Valtellina in Lombardy. It was to rehabilitate an industrial structure and convert it into offices.

26.02.15  Ege: ReForm Memory

Designed by Carol Appleton, ReForm Memory is a floor covering collection of Danish manufacturer Ege.

13.02.15  Neri & Hu: Flamingo Firm in Shanghai

The Neri & Hu studio has converted a former industrial building into offices for the Shanghai-based research firm Flamingo.

04.02.15  PARAT: MindMatters offices in Hamburg

The German architectural studio PARAT was asked in 2014 to create the new office MindMatters, a software development company in the heart of Hamburg.

30.01.15  Expo Offices: 5th edition from March 31 to April 2

Planning furniture and office furniture, 5ème edition of Expo Offices will be held from March 31 2 April Porte de Versailles in Paris.

08.01.15  O + A Architects: Evernote Offices in Redwood City

The company Evernote appealed in 2012 at Studio O + A Architects of San Francisco to design its new offices in Redwood City, California.

26.12.14  Majorelle + Majencia: Tour Blanche, ERDF offices in La Défense

The CB16 Tower, one of the oldest towers in La Défense, has undergone a major renovation carried out by the Petraccone & Vodar agency which was completed in 2014. Renamed "White Tower", in line with the party - architectural taken, it now welcomes ERDF teams.

21.11.14  Stefan Brodbeck: YourPlace

Designed by designer Stefan Brodbeck for the German specialist Haworth office development, "YourPlace" is an innovative desktop system that can bring coherence to the entire workspace while meeting the needs individual and customization.

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