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08.01.18 ADC Awards 2018: Housing Category

Discover the selection of houses, small groups and large groups selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.

08.01.18 ADC Awards 2018: Mixed Program Category

Discover the selection of joint programs selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

08.01.18 ADC Awards 2018: Category Health

Discover the selection of medical buildings selected this year at the ArchiDesignclub Awards.

08.01.18 Group-6: Islet Casanova

As part of a vast operation conducted by the city of Chartres (28), aimed at renewing the district of the station, the Islet Casanova, designed by the architectural firm Group-6, has different faces. A welcome appearance for a mixed project!

08.01.18 SPLAAR: #UNIK

With this mixed building designed by the architects of the agency SPLAAR, the district of the Island of Nantes continues its impressive revival. Here, no question of elephants or mechanical marine monsters: #UNIK welcomes shops, offices and housing.

08.01.18 Moatti-Rivière: 90 housing and offices

Offices and housing are two very different typologies. If the transformation of the former into the latter is already complex at the individual level, sometimes giving rise to sublime lofts, the rehabilitation of an entire building can prove to be a real headache. A challenge brilliantly picked up by the Moatti-Rivière agency.

08.01.18 Brenac & Gonzalez & Associates: West Wharf

Not far from the Porte de Saint-Cloud, in Boulogne-Billancourt (92), a building shines with a thousand splinters thanks to its new glass facade. Fruit of the technical innovation of the architects Brenac & Gonzalez and Associates, here is a project which proves that the envelope is not only a matter of appearance ...

08.01.18 ANTONINI DARMON architects and RMDM architects: Extension of the CTLES

Building a building with strong identity, in the shadow of another signed by a renowned architect: this was the mission entrusted to the agencies ANTONINI DARMON and RMDM for the extension of the Technical Center for the Book of Higher Education ( CTLES). A total success!

08.01.18 Forma6: Office Building

The first step in a project involving 6 office buildings, the creation of the Nantes architecture firm Forma6 plays on contrasts by combining brick, wood and references to oriental moucharabiehs. A building of simple appearance, whose subtle complexity is all the charm. An oxymoron all by itself.

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