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02.03.17 The winners 2017: Activities

Activities premium category three outstanding architectural projects in the tertiary and industry. Experience the eclectic selection of winners 2017 for joint programs and tertiary architecture of the coast Corsica in the center of Nantes!

07.02.17 Saguez & Partners: Design Manufacture

The layout of the new premises of the Saguez & Partners agency was an opportunity for the group to synthesize the issues of living together sustainable and rational use of space within the offices. Communication is at the heart of development, everything has been planned and designed to facilitate trade. The result is an open space where the investments of employees remain free and non-allocated offices.

09.01.17 Interior: Offices, commercial spaces

Discover the inside selection of offices and commercial spaces selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17 Commercial: New Offices

Discover the selection of new offices and commercial spaces selected this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17 Tertiary Activity & Industry

Discover the industry & business Shortlist this year to ArchiDesignclub Awards.

09.01.17 PCA-STREAM :

Located in the heart of the Paris Stock Exchange # is the result of a heavy reconstruction of a set of different eras buildings purchased by the Lyon property company, writing a new chapter in architectural history this district.

09.01.17 Architectures Anne Demians: The Dunes

Société Générale by architect Anne Demians the task of creating a new place can accommodate 5 000 employees. Usually to scale a tower project is placed horizontally, it generates five buildings, five dunes connected by a double ground floor also solving altimetry differences from east to west.

09.01.17 Vincent Eschalier: 6ème Offices Sens

To achieve its Paris office, the promoter 6ème Sens Real estate appealed to Vincent Studio Eschalier. The project is located at street 12 peace under the roof of a Haussmann building.

13.10.16 SCAU: Resonance

Resonance is a new office building designed by the architectural firm SCAU. Its facade tortoiseshell offers him an architectural draped wiping out any sharp angles of its implementation. So this is the fluidity that guide the perception of the project with an incorporated implementation of a network of curves and countercurves.

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