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26.02.16 Eiffel 2016 Contest: Imagine the office building of 2030

Reserved for students in French schools of architecture, architecture & landscape, and engineers which must compete in a team, this edition of the Eiffel 3è contest calls for thought to imagine the office building of 2030.

05.02.16 EGE: Offices AkzoNobel

A Montataire in Oise, the agency Zoévox redeveloped the French headquarters of the AkzoNobel company with a strong and colorful visual impact to the brand.

21.01.16 Malka Architecture Studio: Headquarters of Adyax

The Malka agency revisits a twenty-first century office building to offer the Adyax society, experts in open source, flexible spaces redefining the concept of working and living together.

21.01.16 Nicola Spinetto Architect + Stephane Raza: West Forever

The architect Nicola Spinetto landscape offices of West Forever in Strasbourg thanks to a sober the raw finishes that reflect the spirit "roots" of the company, combining the world of travel and motorcycles.

21.01.16 Monica Donati & Associates: DS Avocats Headquarters

The agency Monica Donati renovates 6000m2 two Haussmann buildings to host the headquarters of DS Avocats, a law of sober and contemporary image that brings together almost 200 professionals.

21.01.16 Vincent & Gloria Architects: Ekimetrics

Set in a level of a Haussmann building on the Champs Elysees, the Ekimetrics company, expert in strategy and BigData involved in art, wanted to give back to their offices overall consistency corresponding to the young and dynamic corporate identity .

18.01.16 Atelier Zündel Cristea: Head office of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs

In Suresnes, the workshop Zündel Cristea rehabilitates a modern building 1989 to host the headquarters of Louis Dreyfus Armateurs in a bright open volume on the Seine.

17.01.16 Kengo Kuma & Associates: Hikari

Disposed along a large water space, a major component of urban redevelopment Lyon Confluence, Hikari is a real piece of city combining housing, offices and shops. The island consists of three new buildings in various architectural expressions but builds on their proximity to the service of energy production. The island is the first French, on this scale, positive energy: it will produce more energy than it consumes.

13.01.16 DeA Architects: Chrome

Next to the train station of Mulhouse, the agency DeA Architects installs an office building in a single volume inspired by the local industrial heritage, and whose perception changes according to the light and the position of the gaze.

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