R3architetti : Spazio R3

The Italian architects R3architetti group realized an innovative space they built themselves new original offices in Turin, in the heart of San Salvario area.

R3architetti imagined his new creative space in a street of San Salvario in Turin Italy. The project was made in a small workshop in 14 square meters and overlooks the street.

The architects had to imagine a fun and comfortable space in proportions and limited size: they worked in sections where the workspace is required by scaffolding pipes structure. This solution not only gives support to the table as well as the loft, but also redefines the space in order of portals, maximizing the potential of the volume as a whole. The first part in the internal structure is devoted to projects: one can observe elements or old projects pinned to the curtain and illuminated by three light bulbs, as a kind of exposure to the group's image and its creation.

On the other side stands a zone of current projects, held by a wide panel. Also located there tools or drafts. This installation is somehow made cantilever: the tables are supported without immediate support, that is to say an item is backed by a part which itself is above the void. This ultimately frees the underlying spaces. The "path" through this maze is animated lamps.

As for the mezzanine, it is intended to scale models of the building and is accessed by a ladder located in a wall niche. Meetings and receptions are held on a glass plate, right next to the current projects.

For more information, visit the website R3architetti.

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