Frédéric Jung : Magasins Généraux de Pantin

General stores housed in Pantin old granaries of the capital. BETC advertising agency fatherhood many campaigns became famous, moved there after the building was a temple of the Parisian street art. Paris overflows its suburbs and seeks new polarities. The codes also change: the agency is trying to free offices and factory in a new location a new atmosphere dedicated to the creativity of its teams.

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"In the world of work, we care less and less influence on people places. So why do we choose to take the time to think about it? Because this treatment and time spent on location, design and construction of our workplace are investments. Which, in our experience, give good results. " Mercedes Erra and Remi Babinet

Since the years 1930 Generals Stores experienced several lives. Initially transited grains, cereals, flour, paper and fabric ... Then the building was occupied by customs before being abandoned and invested by Parisian masters of street art. The building covered with murals and graffiti multiple still exposed some months ago his artistic skin along the canal. It has recently undergone heavy restructuring the offering in a new light advertising BETC.

The unusual place has become a place or who will become outstanding. First performed symbol of the revival of this area Pantin it enjoys broad public space and an entire façade facing the canal. The conversion conducted by Frédéric Jung neglects nothing in this asset: he generously opens location and large windows overlook the water and the surrounding neighborhoods, still marked by many manufactures. Corridors shooting, already present in the original building, also remained accessible and benches will soon work and use these external.

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The word of the project seems to be freedom in any case it is the basis of the concept of this new place. In addition to rehabilitating offering great free trays under the graphic codes of industrial vocables (concrete remains, exposed beams and metal bridges, ..) the interest of the project lies in its new organization forcing architecture to turn to the fluidity and transience ownership. The large open tops are occupied by large open offices, too. Nobody office itself, only small pots may be appropriate and each occupies the place he wants. Different bubbles or Cocoons are still installed, for some they offer specific technical provisions (sound, color ...), others are quiet or secluded places. The organization wants to horizontal, executives and heads of various sections have the same treatment: the place forgets the dramatization of the head of the office and put on the creation of a community.

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Architecturally, general stores are a large concrete vessel separated by a sharp fault the building in two. The building, too thick to avoid the issue, adopts two patios becoming true atriums crossed gateways. They offer an outer increasingly bringing air and light at the heart of the building. Only the first two levels are continuous and house functions requiring larger spaces. To restore heat to the project, the architect covered the new facades patios with contrasting wood siding with the color minimalism, elegant but certainly monotonous, of the original architecture.

The building, however, is not only inhabited plateaus offered to offices. Different poles dot the building and complete the program. And a canteen, to innovative accents, is in the first floor; a place to host various exhibitions; and gyms are open ... The key piece is the roof where dinner planned for receptions with direct access to a garden in the attic ...

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Photographs: Hervé Abbadie, Meffre & Marchand and Philippe Garcia

To learn more, visit Frederic Jung site and BETC

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