Anne Démians : Les Dunes

Société Générale by architect Anne Demians the task of creating a new place can accommodate 5 000 employees. Usually to scale a tower project is placed horizontally, it generates five buildings, five dunes connected by a double ground floor also solving altimetry differences from east to west.

nomini 01

The Dunes project takes shape with five aligned buildings that seem to rise from a soil that the architect would have folded like a sheet of paper. The edges are erased and a double wood composite skin covers the buildings. His project voluntarily from the traditional assembly of islets and offers a built landscape of smooth reliefs and invariably seeded valleys. The implementation of the project provides an ideal orientation offices. So they all enjoy the same contributions in natural light and all have views breakthroughs on the project and the surrounding city.

nomini 02

Since the release of the RER, it all starts with a booth announcing the entrance. The project, with sensitive data is enclosed. The kiosk, offset against the first buildings, invites and control inputs. From there users are free and two choices available to them, the first is to go back outside and navigate between buildings via a through street, and then down to the ground floor below connecting to the shelter all the places and spaces of the Dunes project. Always at the lowest ground floor, and between office buildings architect implanted patios. They set the scene for the whole place and also an opportunity to generate other useful places to all users as meeting rooms, conference and dining options. They punctuate the entire frame and create games of transparency.

nomini 03

Photos: Pierre Porcher

To learn more, visit the site of Anne Demians

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