SCAU : Resonance

Resonance is a new office building designed by the architectural firm SCAU. Its facade tortoiseshell offers him an architectural draped wiping out any sharp angles of its implementation. So this is the fluidity that guide the perception of the project with an incorporated implementation of a network of curves and countercurves.

nomini 01

The first aim of the project was to create a building by signal, giving a boost to a neighborhood being reborn. Its location multiplies the façades to provide maximum views and light users of offices. His plan, classical at first, generates a map of the heart where traffic is concentrated, sanitary and some computer parts. However concave parts, down from the street penetrate deeply the building. They create open patios on which interior views look. Conversely convex portions housing the remains offices trays watching the city and line up on the street. With its undulating facade and the numerous facets, the building is topped by a light line that perfect game curves induced massing.

nomini 02

Photographs: © SCAU architects. Photo Luc Boegly

To learn more, visit the site SCAU

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  • Beautiful project A design with a lot of class and style and with really elegant windows. Congratulations

  • A beautiful architectural project, assured that isolates the sound very good and the design is amazing. Greetings!

  • Hello, 'resonance' is a word that speaks to me!
    Beautiful architectural project, hoping that the sound proofing is done well.

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