Pierre-Louis Faloci : Halle-aux-Sucres

The architect Pierre-Louis Faloci delivers the transformation of the Halle-aux-Sucres to Dunkirk. This building, formerly dedicated to the logistics needs of the city's port, now houses a new management, information and research center on the subject of sustainable cities. A problem rooted in the new destinies and new territories of Dunkirk urban redeployment. The architectural project is organized around a fault crossing, lengthwise, the walls of the original building.

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Built in the late nineteenth century the 1 mole of the industrial port of Dunkirk and abandoned in the 1990 years old Halle aux Sugars now houses the meeting with several institutional entities regional urban subjects. The assembly wants to promote, guide and inform the public about the sustainable city, a large part of the program is thus open for exhibitions and public strolling the other houses the offices of the various institutions.

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The project required to construct the building. Pierre-Louis Faloci assumes that taking candid party that dramatizes by a central flaw revealing the old and new constructive history of the place. The walls of the building were completely hollowed out to make room for the new program. The project retains the envelope and generates four floors instead of three initially. The central flaw in the project helps bring light and air for the new destination location. The architect will also create a street at becoming a ceremonial where pedestrian access is gradually rediscovering the unique landscape of the port. Halved the program is distributed as follows: on one side the city's professionals have four levels of work, offices and classrooms; on the other, regional archives, using four exhibition trays and welcoming all public resources center. The Forum, located in the ramp end 1 R + combines the two wings, as a public place, inviting to trade among public and professionals.


To learn more, visit the site of Pierre-Louis Faloci And the one of Halle aux Sugars

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