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The layout of the new premises of the Saguez & Partners agency was an opportunity for the group to synthesize the issues of living together sustainably and the reasoned occupation of space in the offices. Communication is at the heart of the layout, everything has been thought out and designed to facilitate exchanges. The result offers an open space where the placements of employees remain free and the offices unassigned.

The project benefits from a dynamic peer, each space or shelf was designed by a different designer, all complement but not alike. They each have features in the design of the furniture and the choice of coatings, while remaining within a single unifying theme: tropical design. The building internally or externally, have an abundance of exotic plants, wood materials and plant motifs imaging the warm atmosphere of the equatorial countries. The Manufacture has been imagined as an entity largely open to the outside while maintaining an intimate essence. The sound absorbing coatings such as felt or carpet dress different floors of the rooms and work spaces are defined by libraries that contain quantities of specialized books. The furniture has been chosen or designed by the design team in a spirit of practicality and ergonomics but also aesthetics, revealing a consistent and user-friendly set.



Arranged in place of collaborative life offices become open space and meeting rooms evolve experimental laboratory to optimize communication and improve cross information. Interactive rooms and spaces dedicated to sports and restoration were designed by Nordic models that improve the experience of the worker. These collaborative spaces multiply and promote encounters and exchanges. Fixed lines no longer exist, 130 people move freely within this ecosystem organized by the workers themselves, encouraging their involvement in the company.

The building part of a sustainable approach seeks to integrate and generate interaction with its environment. The future development of related community infrastructure including design of the school and the halls contribute to the radiation of an eco-district. Located on the site of the old docks of Saint Ouen, the metallic and industrial structure laid bare and renovated honors the industrial heritage of the place and meets the new skin of wood Manufacture.


The Group innovates in terms of energy savings with careful management of heating and the establishment of an efficient ventilation system which inhibits the use of air conditioning. Suspended ceilings, the designers have left Saguez and Partners apparent technical rails and ductwork taking industrial features of the place. The ceilings are complemented by radiant heaters which the designers have integrated sound and lighting system. They are arranged so disparate, alternating with empty spaces that let the apparent flux networks.

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