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10.09.14  RDAI: Space small H

In the heart of Saint Germain des Près in Paris, architect Denis Montel agency Rena Dumas Architecture Interior (IBLJ) designed the small space H of Hermès Rive Gauche shop in Paris. A world inspired by the stand of a bookseller, a merchant caravan, an ephemeral shop.

26.08.14  Studio Noël Dominguez Architect: The Jam Room

The Studio Architect Christmas Dominguez, completed the interior design of shops family "The Chamber jams." Identical businesses that take advantage of different configurations and locations inspired by the luxury to offer products mouths.

25.06.14  Margaux Keller and Bertrand Guillon: The Hairdresser

The Terrasses du Port in Marseille, the designer Margaux Keller and architect Bertrand Guillon sign design and architecture inside the hair salon "The Hairdresser". A space where each element has been designed in order to fit perfectly when the hairstyle.

22.04.14  Studio Savvy: Rivero González Boutique and Wine Cellar

In Mexico City, the multidisciplinary agency Savvy imagined the first store winemaker Mexican Rivero González. A wine cellar 4 partitioned on distinct areas, a garden in the desert, a shop, a tasting room and finally an underground cellar. A simple project and refined at a time, which installs the Mexican land in the heart of the city.

04.04.14  Humbert et Poyet: Pop-Up Store Pantone Colorwear

To design its Pop-Up Store in New York, the clothing brand Pantone Colorwear made calls for Humbert and Poyet agency. Faithful to own codes to the brand, the architects signed a colorful and playful interior.

12.03.14  Kirsten Scholz & Stephanie Thatenhorst: Shop L

On Maximilianstrasse, in the heart of the city of Munich in Germany, architects Kirsten Scholz & Stephanie Thatenhorst have just completed the interior design of "Shop L", an optical shop dressed in precious and natural materials.

26.02.14  José Levy: MaPharmacie République

Rue du Faubourg du Temple in the 10ème district of Paris, the designer Jose Levy realized the interior of "MaPharmacie Republic," a space that offers a reinterpretation of codes specific to pharmacies without break free completely.

03.02.14  ArchiDesignClub Awards: Interior - Shops and Stores

As part of the ADC Awards, we invite you to find each day the projects in competition in each category. 6 projects make up the selection in the Interior - Shops and Stores category: the Stella Cadente Boulevard Beaumarchais store in Paris by Atelier Du Pont, an Optics store in Lyon by Lisa Lejeune Création, the Flagship Marionnaud on the Champs Elysées in Paris by REV Architecture, the Ampère optical store in Grenoble by Cyrille Druart, the Espace petit H in the Hermès Rive Gauche store in Paris by the RDAI agency and finally a beauty institute in Besançon by the Atelier RoWin '.

30.01.14  ArchiDesignClub Awards: Shopping centers, leisure parks

As part of the ADC Awards, we invite you to find each day the projects in competition in each category. In the Shopping centers, leisure parks category, 7 projects are competing: the Koezio leisure park in Lieusaint by D'Houndt + Bajart, the Toison d'Or in Dijon by François Ceria + Brandimage (interior), Les Eleis in Cherbourg by Calq Architecture + Arte Charpentier, Beaugrenelle in Paris by Valode & Pistre + Brandimage (interior), the renovation of the Rennes Alma shopping centers by Saguez & Partners and Italie 2 in Paris by the Outsign agency, and finally Aéroville in Roissy by Philippe Chiambaretta + Saguez & Partners (interior).

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