12.12.17 ABLM architects: École Villares de la Reina

In the village of Villares de la Reina (Spain), whose landscape has been strongly impacted by the industrialization of the last ten years, the Spanish architects of the agency ABLM arquitectos realize a sparkling elementary school. Bardé aluminum, the first floor of the establishment seems to melt into the sky that reflects.

07.12.17 Paul Laurendeau Workshop: Cogeco Amphitheater

In the city of Trois-Rivières (Canada), on a former brownfield located at the confluence of the St. Lawrence River and the Saint-Maurice River, is the Cogeco Amphitheater. The architects of the Atelier Paul Laurendeau deliver an iconic building with an impressive 7 200 aerial roof, while offering a superb view to the spectators.

06.12.17 CoCo Architecture : 7.77

Who could believe that this mysterious parallelepiped adorned with gold enthroned in the middle of a meadow of the commune of Olemps (12) conceals in fact a hall and a library? And yet! This simple and contemporary creation, conceived by the French of CoCo Architecture, enhances the cultural programming of this village of Occitanie.

28.11.17 Plano Humano Arquitectos: Pastoral Center

In Lisbon (Portugal), Plano Humano Arquitectos realizes the Santo António de Moscavide Pastoral Center, extension of the eponymous church built in 1995. For a respectful integration into its built environment, the project - comprising seven prayer rooms and three function rooms - is inspired by the original religious building with a clean facade and punctuated by vertical solar shades.

27.11.17 Corinnevezzonietassociés : Thecamp

In the heart of the pine forest of Aix, the agency corrinnevezzonietassociates book thecamp, an elite campus dedicated to new technologies, located close to the TGV station of the city. An avant-garde project that could only be served by an innovative architecture, which integrates brilliantly into a typical landscape of the South of France despite an ovniesque form.

23.11.17 FRANKLIN AZZI ARCHITECTURE: School of Fine Arts

As part of the transformation of the Island of Nantes (44), the former Alstom industrial site, 4,5 hectares, has been completely reconfigured. Six halls dating from the mid-nineteenth century now host part of the University of the city, offices or a restaurant. Under the leadership of the architect Franklin Azzi, two of them are home to Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts, a place of bright and spacious creation.

17.11.17 Jean Nouvel workshops: Louvre Abu Dhabi

Jean Nouvel is no longer present. Designer of the Arab World Institute in Paris (5e) in 1982, the Cartier Foundation (14e) in 1994, or the Philharmonie de Paris (19e) two years ago, this museum lover delivers today the Louvre Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). An achievement located between sea and desert, conceived as a city entirely dedicated to art.

16.11.17 MVRDV : Tianjin Binhai Library

First stone of a huge cultural complex of 12 hectares, this huge library of 33 700 square meters was realized in Tianjin (China) by the Dutch agency MVRDV whose reputation is second to none. Comprising an auditorium and numerous study rooms, it houses more than 1,2 million books in an incredible space with rippling walls and ceilings.

10.11.17 Wright & Wright Architects : Longwall Library

More than 160 years after its construction, the longwall library of Magdalen College, part of the prestigious institution of the University of Oxford, is getting a makeover. Designed by the English firm Wright & Wright Architects, the extension and renovation of the old Victorian building includes two new wings upgrading the cloister they plant.

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