08.01.18  Emmanuelle Colboc and Associates: Robert Desnos College

At Orly (94), students at Robert Desnos College have just inaugurated their new school. Focus on a bright project, dressed in brick, signed by the Parisian agency Emmanuelle Colboc and Associates.

08.01.18  Archi5: Port Chemin Vert school group

In Aubervilliers (93), a brand new school group marks the revival of a former industrial district. Designed by the agency archi5, this ultra-fun project has all the features necessary for the optimal comfort of schoolchildren. Ready to go back to school?

08.01.18  OMA: Lab City

After Châtenay-Malabry (92), École CentraleSupélec Paris moved to Gif-sur-Yvette (91), on the Saclay plateau. In this high place of research, the Dutch agency OMA delivers the building Lab City where, since the beginning of last year, more 4 000 students, researchers or even simple curious.

08.01.18  Archi5: CFA for building trades

"What does the bottle matter, provided you have drunkenness," says a famous proverb. An adage denied by the designers of archi5, who have made every effort to create a training center for apprentices as pleasant to live as visually remarkable, proving that the form matters as much as the content.

08.01.18  CAB ARCHITECTS: ENSAE ParisTech

The designers of CAB ARCHITECTES, specialized in concrete, sign this time a millimeter steel project. Located in Palaiseau (91), it is a geometrical box all adapted to accommodate the ENSAE ParisTech.

08.01.18  FRANKLIN AZZI ARCHITECTURE: School of Fine Arts

As part of the transformation of the Island of Nantes (44), the former Alstom industrial site, 4,5 hectares, has been completely reconfigured. Six halls dating from the mid-nineteenth century now host part of the University of the city, offices or a restaurant. Under the leadership of the architect Franklin Azzi, two of them are home to Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Fine Arts, a place of bright and spacious creation.

08.01.18  Raphaël Gabrion Architectures: Cultural Pole

Located in the southern suburbs of Paris, in Courcouronnes (91), the Georges Brassens high school is now embellished with a cultural center intended to host the artistic activities proposed by the establishment. An enticing program hidden behind a semi-buried monolith designed by Raphael Gabrion Architectures.

08.01.18  LINK architects and Ferret-Dutreuil: Jean Gachet Gymnasium

In Saint-Etienne (42), a building challenges passers-by with its gigantic windows. An error of proportion? What nenni! This is the marked will of the LINK architects workshop that this gym is remarkable and noticed. A bold and successful choice.

08.01.18  Hérault Arnod architects: Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur

At the heart of the Breton capital, Grenoble Hérault Arnod Architects agency deliver the Cité Internationale Paul Ricoeur. Focus on a building over 7 000 square meters housing four separate programs in a harmonious setting.

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