08.01.18  Architecture Explorations: Les Jardins d'Allonville

In the city of the Dukes of Brittany, the agency Explorations Architecture signs a sober and effective realization, bringing together 26 collective housing and six houses. A mini-village where life is good.

08.01.18  Bernard Bühler Agency: Résidence Fulton

As part of the urban renewal project for Fulton Island, in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, architect Bernard Bühler, winner of the contest sponsored by the social housing company ICF Habitat La Sablière, delivers a residence of 87 social housing. The whole, with holographic and geometric balconies, animates the front of the Seine.

08.01.18  A + Architecture: Cornil Residence

Dust the image of student residences, a challenge? By the agency A + Architecture, which has just delivered a building of almost 200 rooms all in wood and - icing on the cake! - designed in just 14 months.

08.01.18  Devaux and devaux architects: Maison M

In Meudon (92), a house slice in the landscape by its elegant and subtle forms. A project of great beauty, signed by architects David and Claudia Devaux, whose constraints would not have yet foreshadowed a result so successful.

08.01.18  FREAKS Architecture: VIKING

On the Normandy coast, a small white cabin catches the eye of fishermen and other boaters. Renovated by the architects of Freaks, it is home to an ultra-optimized interior perfect for dinner with friends while contemplating the Channel.

08.01.18  DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX: Benoît & Roselyne

Between Benoît & Roselyne and this 70 m2 mazet in the Nîmes hinterland, it's a story that goes back ten years, when this couple then settled in Paris, decided to buy a second home to renovate. The story continues in 2014, when the pair, who have since retired, want to share their time between the south of France and the capital. He then asked the DIXNEUFCENTQUATREVINGTSIX agency to design the extension of this residence, which had become too small to accommodate the family which has grown over the years.

08.01.18  Antonio Virga Architect: International Accommodation and Reception Center (CHAI)

In Cahors (46), the architect Antonio Virga offers a hostel like no other. Located close to the Valentré bridge, it offers much more than the comfort needed by travelers. Explanations.

08.01.18  Vincen Cornu Architecture: The Compass Rose

Vincen Cornu demonstrates with this building report that if every moment of a constructive thought is part of an intention determined by relevant urban and domestic qualities, the architecture that it generates can concretely make sensitive its aesthetic and social legitimacy.

05.01.18  Hardel and Le Bihan Architects: Odalys City hotel residence

As part of the reconstruction of the ZAC Porte Pouchet in Paris (17e), the agency Hardel and Le Bihan Architects book a few steps from the Paris ring road, the residence Odalys City. Built in corrugated iron, the simple-looking building actually contains inventive methods aimed at counteracting the noise pollution produced by the expressway.

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