Renovations, Rehabilitations

08.01.18  ACAU Architects: Corneille High School

Rehabilitate a building listed in the Inventory of Historic Monuments, without betraying it or be content with simple renovation work: a real challenge! Except, perhaps for the Agency ACAU Architects who signs here a project with marked identity, without affecting the surrounding buildings. Explanations.

08.01.18  B. Architecture and Calq Architecture: Le 10 Grenelle

Rehabilitate an old office building from the 1950s, while taking into account a strong historical heritage; such was the mission entrusted to the agency B. Architecture, at the origin of this project humbly baptized "10 Grenelle".

08.01.18  Studio Vincent Eschalier: BlackPearl

Renovated in 2017, this large ship-like monolith dressed in black seems to have just docked in the district of Paris-La Défense, in Courbevoie ... Welcome to Captain Vincent Eschalier's BlackPearl!

08.01.18  Wilmotte & Associés: Station F

Rehabilitated by the French architecture firm Wilmotte & Associés, the Halle Freyssinet, a former Parisian railway depot (13th arrondissement) dating from the 1920s, becomes Station F, the largest campus in the world dedicated to the development of startups. The 34 square meter space is intended to accommodate more than 000 emerging businesses.

08.01.18  Reichen and Robert & Associés and D3 Architects: La Grande Halle Gerland

Orchestrated by the architects of Reichen and Robert & Associés and D3 Architects, this rehabilitation project has everything of a surgical act. Carried out with meticulousness and respect for what already exists, it revives a major building of Lyon's heritage: the former Grande Halle Gerland.

08.01.18  François Chatillon Architect and Michel Rémon & Associés: House of Human Sciences

Responsible for renovating the House of Human Sciences, built between 1965 and 1969 by Marcel Lods, Paul Depondt and Henri Beauclair, the agencies François Chatillon Architecte and Michel Rémon & Associés had to bring an iconic construction up to standard without altering it. Back to a restoration not quite like the others ...

08.01.18  Pannetier Architecture: Daviel Cultural Center and Theater 13

Just a few steps from the metro station Glacière, in the 13e district of Paris, the Daviel Cultural Center and the 13 Theater have a brand new look. A change made by the agency Pannetier Architecture that has taken advantage of an existing structuralist style rather difficult to apprehend.

08.01.18  Canal Architecture: Capuchins media library

For the first time since their construction in the nineteenth century, the workshops of the Capuchins of Brest, located in the former military district of the same name, are returned to the inhabitants by hosting a new media library. Back on an impressive transformation signed Canal Architecture.

19.12.17  Vector Architects: Alila Yangshuo Hotel

In the heart of southwest China's Guangxi Province, Beijing-based Vector Architects is rehabilitating a former sugar factory into a luxury hotel complex of more than 16 000 square meters, the Alila Yangshuo. A renovation that offers its visitors a unique experience, between past and present.

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