Renovations, Rehabilitations

05.12.18  Benoit Rotteleur: Paris-Shanghai

Renovated by architect Benoit Rotteleur, this apartment located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, takes advantage more than ever of its location, on the 10th floor of the Perspective I Tower erected in 1973 on plans by Michel Proux and Henri Pottier. Now called Paris-Shanghai, the property has been optimized to enhance the view of the Capital, gaining an additional room in the process. Return on a surgical and balanced operation.

22.11.18  Franklin Azzi Architecture: Beaupassage

In the heart of the capital, architect Franklin Azzi is writing a new chapter in Parisian passages, with the aptly named Beaupassage: a gallery of 4 square meters of floor space entirely dedicated to epicureans. An alliance of the traditional and the contemporary, in the facades as in the plates.

15.11.18  Sophie Lallias: Opening your kitchen

The real difficulty for an architect responsible for modifying a single part or two without intervening on the whole of an achievement does not lie so much in the fact of meeting the specifications as in the need to propose a subtle solution, optimizing the existing without ostentation. A challenge perfectly met by Sophie Lallias, who delivered in 2016 in Clermont-Ferrand a kitchen open to the dining room, discreetly ...

07.11.18  OS Architects workshops: Jacques Carat Theater

In October 2017, the Ateliers OS Architects struck three knocks, opened the red curtain and unveiled their latest achievement: the Jacques Carat Theater in Cachan (94). A play in three acts - demolition, renovation, extension - in which the viewer emerges won over, thanks to a relevant distribution (of volumes) and a particularly striking play (with materials).

05.11.18  Jean-Paul Viguier et Associés: Fiduciary website of the Banque de France

Located in La Courneuve, in a former industrial wasteland, the fiduciary site of the Banque de France designed by the Jean-Paul Viguier and Associates agency was inaugurated at the beginning of last year. An achievement combining new construction and rehabilitation, characterized by an effort to combine security and openness to the neighborhood. Explanations.

05.10.18  Dot Architects: Baitasi House of the Future

Will the house of tomorrow be entirely glazed, saturated with screens and ruled by an authoritarian robot on wheels? Nothing is less certain, according to the dot Architects agency which signed in 2017 the renovation of a traditional house in Beijing (China) on behalf of a company specializing in high technologies. Their tour de force? Combine home automation and respect for the existing, without falling into the cliché.

04.07.18  Elii: 093 - Save The Children

In order to offer a place dedicated to the education of underprivileged minors in the city of Vallecas (Spain), the Save The Children Foundation has called on the Madrid agency elii to renovate and expand its head office, located in the district of San Diego. An architectural project focused on the development of its small residents.

20.06.18  Desjeux Delaye: Hotel Louvre Piedmont

In Paris (1er), just a few steps from the Comédie Française, lies the Louvre Piémont, a chic and retro hotel fully refurbished last September by the Desjeux Delaye interior design and design agency. A sophisticated and relaxed world, the Louvre Piémont offers a timeless escape to its occupants through a mix of genres and eras.

11.06.18  Jean Philippe Nuel: The Belleval

Remember your first apartment. The grandmother's armchair, the frames on the walls, the scented candles, the hanging wardrobe ... It may not have been the luxury, but it was your first home. An atmosphere that tried to recreate Jean-Philippe Nuel in the hotel Belleval, Paris (9e), where one feels instantly like at home.

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