Îlot Balmoral, a 13-storey mixed-use building commissioned by the Société d'Habitation de Montréal (SHDM), is a brilliant testimony to the city's creative economy. Integrated into the Quartier des Spectacles, the impressive structure stands in the heart of downtown Montreal and adjoins the Place des Festivals. It houses the new headquarters of the National Film Board (NFB) as well as the UQAC School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design (NAD School).

It is in the lower parts of the Saint-Pierre church, on the Le Corbusier site that this exhibition was born, as part of the XNUMXth Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial. Thus, six micro-architectures will invest the cereal land of the site, at the end of the summer. The goal ? Questioning our relationship to comfort, inviting us to discover a “utopian architecture”. 

The hotel, located in Yixing City on a hill adjacent to the shore of Yun Lake, was originally a closed office building. Due to its unique location, the owners wanted to turn it into a boutique hotel to promote the local tourism industry. Studio DOTCOF carried out this renovation project, which was completed at the beginning of the year.

Nestled in the Laurentian forest of Quebec, this residence is a composition of volumes with soothing and balanced proportions, which, on winter nights, sparkle through the woods like a lantern: hence its poetic name...
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