In Munich, the German architect Peter Haimerl designed the extension of Salvatorgarage, parking on the Salvatorstrasse. Built in concrete, this elevation surprises, all in transparency, light and

The Portland architecture firm Atelier Waechter made this store for a tea vendor. A small pavilion of wood and metal with oriental influences, open to the outside and

A Grøttingen on the Norwegian coast, the agency Fantastic Norway Architects sign that house black and white wood. Architecture resting on the rock and open to the landscape.

In London, in the Islington district, architect Tamir Addadi rethinks the access to a loft by replacing a rudimentary ladder with an elegant and contemporary staircase. Made of sheet steel 6 millimeters thick, folded and lacquered, this

In Budapest in Hungary, PLANT architecture firm Peter Kis and workshop conducted the mixed building Prater Street 30-32 mixing shops on the ground floor and apartments on the first floor to the sixth. If the apartments are extended by small balconies, cages

Swedish architectural firm Tham & Videgard designed the extension of the Museum of Modern Art in Malmö. Dressed in perforated and orange lacquered metal sheets, the volume is grafted onto the existing brick architecture and accommodates a new entrance, a reception area, a cafeteria and a high gallery.

A Lousado in Portugal, in the new town of Famalicao, Correia Ragazzi Arquitectos agency slips that house on a farm. A house on two levels, registered in the slope and faces south.
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