In Fredericia, Denmark, the Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects agency designed the new Brørup Sparekasse bank. A building with taut lines dressed in a ventilated facade made of Corian slabs. White plates nested one inside the other like the pieces of a puzzle.

Built in the eighteenth century in Boulogne-Billancourt, Buchillot castle now houses the Musée Paul Belmondo. Transformed and converted by architects Karine Chartier and Thomas Corbasson, the museum gives pride to the artist's works, depicting busts, sculptures, medals and

In the city of Lautrach Bavaria, the agency SoHo Architektur completed the "Haus B-Hub", an archetypal house dressed concrete prefabricated components, parts in corrugated profile dress facades and roofing.

The German SoHo architecture firm Architektur completed the transformation of this old farmhouse. Breakthroughs large bay, its facade and roof bathe the space in natural light and open place of the surrounding countryside. On its smallest facade, a window takes

In Berlin, the architecture firm Ludloff + Ludloff slips this townhouse to the curved facade between two existing houses. Banded with dark wood side street, it opens on the garden through large windows.

In a residential area of ​​Seoul, the house "Godzilla" of architects and Chae Songhee Lawrence Pereira slips at the intersection of three streets. Its facade is curved to fit the shape and pierces plot of fine incisions for

At The Noirmont Switzerland, the agency Dubail Begert Architects has transformed this building existing housing by grafting on its facade a metal structure. Dressed in polycarbonate, it contains a staircase which distributes the apartments and lights up the night with colorful lights.

The house "Steel Lady" stands in the Yongsan district of Itaewon in Seoul. Signed by the Korean architecture firm Chae-Pereira, its simple, metal encased volume conceals rich and surprising inner spaces like this stairwell to the complex and dressed timber volume.
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