Amidst the rich landscape of Punjab, an extravagant farmhouse rises from the still ground and offers a heavenly experience as “Baag-e-Fursat”. As its name suggests, it is an area made up mainly of gardens which develops into residential areas and leisure points. A place of retreat, in short, surrounded by lush green lawns, enjoying pleasant reclining patio seating, play areas and even an amazing swimming pool. Enough to enrich the experience inside and around the estate. 

These five apartment buildings are built on a former industrial wasteland of the marina. Here the houses are nestled on a distinctive site, a narrow peninsula flanked by opposite green shores.

Since 1985, the departmental nursery of Calvados has welcomed children from 0 to 6 years old who cannot stay with their families. Each year, it accommodates about sixty children in great difficulty. Now obsolete and unsuitable, the structure, managed by the Departmental House of Children and Families of Calvados (MDEFC), needed to be relocated to a new establishment.

In Porto, Portugal, the green surroundings suggested a mixed approach to the architectural project. At life-size, the building is almost devoid of walls and is instead covered with glazing. Its roof is adorned with gem-like materials, which extend over the exterior walls.

Femat, the specialist in the distribution of materials and eco-construction solutions, established for ten years in the Rhône-Alpes region, is about to complete its flagship project, that of its new head office in Dardilly (69) . Its construction started at the end of 2021 and will be completed next October. This building, called the FematLab, is a model of responsible and efficient construction, a showcase of the company's know-how. 
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