Feeling at home while embodying the unique corporate identity of the consulting firm Accuracy: this is the challenge that L'Abri has taken up by designing refined workspaces that rhyme with conviviality. Deploying the codes of residential development within the Accuracy House, the architects offer warm and generous offices, for employees and visitors alike.

Reclaiming the shores of the island of Montreal with a public project that incorporates bioclimatic principles: this is the objective of this nautical center which was born in the summer of 2021. Many citizens are asking their municipalities for new investments in the parks, in order to make them places that are both unifying and inclusive. The Baie-de-Valois Nautical Center is a realization of the consortium formed by PRISME and ADHOC Architectes.

Each Tropical Space project is subject to three main influences: sculpture, climate, and love of nature. The architectural style of the firm is inspired by sculptural forms and simple forms, like this house, in permanent dialogue with the outside.
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