At the "Maison & Objet" show, the "Carton Plein" exhibition presents the reflections of 13 architects on the theme of the cabin. So many small cardboard houses on the scale of children signed among others Rudy Ricciotti, Dominique Perrault, Hamonic and Masson.

In central London, the architecture firm Henning Stummel conducted the extension of a Georgian house. A slim volume, out, connects existing 3 floors and hosts a bathroom.

In this village in Estonia, the architectural firm Muru & Pere has carried out this extension of a detached house. Made of small pieces of interwoven wood, the skin of the first floor amazes and recalls the "Favela" armchair by the Campana brothers.

The London agency Hogarth Architects sign the renovation of this Kensington apartment. In the open space fits a strange wooden structure, traditional and contemporary at once.

Outpost opens on the desert landscape of Idaho. A workshop house built by Tom Kundig for the artist and designer Jan McFarland Cox. Into the wild.

In Portugal, the architect Nuno Alexandre Piedade conducted the house bare concrete. Placed on the ground, between monolith and complex volume.

Designed by Portuguese architect Joao Luis Carrilho da Graça, the Lisbon School of Music is revealed through the lens of Fernando Guerra.

South of Stockholm, the studio Visiondivision made this extension of a family house. An area dedicated to children, and living space game where exterior and interior intertwine.
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