After completing the construction of a dwelling house in Poznan, the Polish Agency Ultra Architects used the remaining materials to create this house for children. Shaped archetypal house, this play area of ​​6 square meters is inspired

Brooklyn architecture firm, Manifold Architecture Studio has completed the layout of this apartment on 3 levels in the heart of New York. A fluid space transparency and double height that extends outside by a wooden deck with inviting curves.

In Beirut, the agency architecture and design Lebanese PSLAB imagined highlighting the mybar restaurant bar. Attached to the ceiling, light fixtures match the shape of the air lines and punctuate the space.

Japanese design studio based in Osaka, Noi Shegemasa created the interior of Shimuraya bar in Tokyo. Space content, dressed and tangled pieces of natural wood.

OFIS Architects Slovenian architecture firm has refurbished this studio 30 square meters in Ljubljana. Content and clever project, functional and flexible which gives another dimension to this small space.

In Münchendorf, Austria, the Viennese architectural firm Söhne & Partner Architekten created this contemporary hotel. A white concrete construction with a perforated facade.

In Japan, the Australian architect Olivier Solente made this wooden house 300 square meters. Perched on a hill, the "Wallhouse" opens on the landscape. With its small number of interior partitions and its

For the exhibition devoted to 40 years the Festival Interceltique de Lorient, Nantes architecture agency created with Florence Raum Beaurepaire this scenery of wood and textiles. conducted in
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