A Loctudy in Finistère, the architect Michel Grignou realized this house for a couple of wood bristling. Open to the landscape, its volume in an L shape courtyard sheltered from prevailing winds.

In Switzerland, the town of Fläsch in the canton of Grisons, the architectural firm Atelier F-Architekten has made the conversion and extension of this eighteenth century farmhouse to create the

In Kaiserslautern, the architects Molter Kerstin and Mark Linnemann realized this station water treatment. Encased in metal, a simple and sculptural volume, striped with white and black.

In a residential area of ​​Trelevern in Cotes d'Armor, the Rennes architects Margot Le Duff and Matthew Girard built this house consists of two volumes, one slate, the other wood.

In partnership with Muuuz, the fifth edition of the Bellastock Architecture Festival will take place from May 21 to 24, 2010 in Carrières-sous-Poissy in Yvelines. On this occasion, up to 1000 students are invited to build an ephemeral city from sandbags. Discover the program.

The architects Estela Barcelonan Camprubí and Eugenia Santacana realized the conversion and extension of this hotel Monroyo of Spain. A few steps from the existing building, clinging to the hillside, some

In Saint Malo, architects and Tassot Trionnaire The agency A / LTA and The Trionnaire and Chaplain of the agency mxg come to deliver Marines to Chasles, an operation of 47 housing and office-like architecture of port .
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