Myrha Street was opened in 1848, 9 and then 10 meters wide, allowing the construction of small apartment buildings in plaster of R + 3 + recessed attic. Beyond the moldings and materials, this suburban character is essentially due to the small size of the plots, the regularity of the openings, simple volumes, the variation in height of the buildings, the effects of scale and gable, and a very limited range of materials and colors. 

At the start of this Milanese project signed by the Noa studio, a research on the meaning, use and characteristics of a XNUMXst century library. Studio Noa thus imagined the place as a center of creativity, aiming to update a stimulating environment to free the mind and acquire new knowledge.

Located in Lutry/Lausanne in Switzerland, Studio Julia Christ is an architecture and design office specializing in public spaces and the hospitality sectors. He offers strong and assumed concepts, with a proven attention to detail, from the work of volumes to the choice of materials, through the creation of tailor-made furniture and visual identity.
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