Members of the architectural collectives "Plan 01" and "French Touch", Jean Bocabeille and Ignacio Prego from the Parisian agency BP Architectures have created in Epinay Sous Sénart this early childhood house, a light and colorful architecture that

A Heverlee Belgium, the agency BOB361 Architects created this extension to a twin house, grafting to the existing volume of glass and white concrete abstract and functional, bathed in natural light and living spaces

A Amares Portugal, the architecture studio Topos Jean-Pierre Porcher, Margarida Oliveira and Freitas Albino conducted the hybrid house blending stone and Corten steel. Between traditional and contemporary architecture writing, a rusty appearance volume rises and flirts with

In Hong Kong Clearwater Bay, Hong Kong's architectural firm David Clovers sign the conversion and extension of the "House OF". A townhouse whose interior is covered with fine blades giving relief to the walls, ceilings and sculpting light filtering.

After completing the construction of a dwelling house in Poznan, the Polish Agency Ultra Architects used the remaining materials to create this house for children. Shaped archetypal house, this play area of ​​6 square meters is inspired

Brooklyn architecture firm, Manifold Architecture Studio has completed the layout of this apartment on 3 levels in the heart of New York. A fluid space transparency and double height that extends outside by a wooden deck with inviting curves.

In Beirut, the agency architecture and design Lebanese PSLAB imagined highlighting the mybar restaurant bar. Attached to the ceiling, light fixtures match the shape of the air lines and punctuate the space.

Japanese design studio based in Osaka, Noi Shegemasa created the interior of Shimuraya bar in Tokyo. Space content, dressed and tangled pieces of natural wood.
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