Flexible, adaptable, easy to transport and implement: wood appears to be the flagship material of the 21st century. Appreciated both for its durability and its aesthetics, it has been making a strong comeback in the world of architecture for a decade. Here are two projects that prove that wood has not said its last word.

Born in July 1982 in the city of Toulouse, Régis Botta was passionate about architecture from childhood. He graduated from the Paris Belleville School of Architecture in 2007 and four years later, he created his own architecture firm: Régis Botta Architecture. But who is he? What is his conception of architecture? What are his plans for the future? Answers.

From minimalism, to plastic trends, passing through model houses, such as research in favor of sustainable architecture, the book presents the different trends that have driven the architectural research specific to this exceptional territory. Design, layout, interior decor, materials are examined there thanks to archival documents and reports of contemporary photographs.
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