Fiat Group inaugurates today on the Champs-Elysees its new flagship store in Paris. Dubbed "Motor Village", the shop signed Jean-Michel Wilmotte has cars of Lancia brand, Fiat, Alpha Romeo, Maserati, Abarth and Jeep. Glass and steel, automotive and architecture are reflected. In

In Chengdu in China, the Chinese architect Liu Jiakun made this memorial in honor of Hu Huishan, girl buried by the Wenchuan earthquake. A minimal architecture and intimate photographed by Iwan Baan.

In Islington, the London architecture firm Studio Octopi has made the redevelopment and extension of this house. The space extends into an open glass cube of the garden.

In Rennes, the architect Claire Gallais-Pinochet sign the extension of a house of 70 years. A vertical volume of dark wood which stands on the street opens onto the garden and a lounge, a study and a bedroom.

In Brandenburg, Germany, Katrin Oggesen and Archibaldbuero Berlin architecture firm designed the house structure and wood siding. Behind a facade of street wise and balanced, volumes and open side garden explode.

Conducted by the German architecture firm Dellinger Bembe, this white concrete house stands in Pullach in Bavaria. Between modern architecture and archetype.

A Unterföhring in Germany, the Munich-based architecture firm Jakob Bader sign this house in cantilever. Architecture bright red banded metal.
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