A Frigourg, Germany, the agency AFF Architekten architectural completed the transformation of the Castle Freudenstein which houses mineralogical collections and archives of the city. Between history, modern and contemporary architecture.

In the Hudson Valley, the New York architects Jared Della Valle Bernheimer and Andy came up with this house weekend. Construction coated with a copper cladding and rust skate that time.

A Tellerhäuser in Germany, the agency AFF Architekten has made this haven for skiers. A monolith of concrete laid between the pines, volume broken lines and the fake rock tunes. Brutal and mineral, strange and familiar.

At Hakone-Cho in Japan, Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects designed this house weekend of two floors. A wooden building with many windows, playing scales, elegant, minimalist and poetic.

A Scherzingen, Switzerland, the Zurich architectural firm composed of Andreas Rudolf and Yvonne Galli realized this little house, minimal and contemporary reading of the archetype.

On the Greek coast, in the town of Antirrio, the architectural firm Divercity built this house with concrete interlocking volumes. Gathered around an atrium, they open on the coast and the mountains.

The German magazine AIT invited 100 architecture firms and design a chair redesign the "Ono" designed by Matthias Weber. Shifted, the response of the Dutch agency Hofman Dujardin is a chair shaped tower project 760 meters in height for the City of Cape Town.

Perched atop Mount Merino, this house of concrete and wood overlooking the Hudson River. A project open and bright built by the New York architect Joel Sanders.
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