In 39 Avenue Georges V in Paris, the top floor of a Haussmann building is perched on "39 V", new restaurant designed by Marcelo Joulia and Naço Architectures. A restaurant in height, against all odds, offers no view on the roofs of the city and turns on itself. Organized around a courtyard window and dressed in bright flakes of plaster, the "39 V" is

based architectural firm in Tokyo and Toronto, Uufie consists of Eiri and Irene Ota Gardpoit Chan. In Tokyo, the duo signed the redevelopment of an apartment 74 square meters intended for a young couple. Ceiling mounted, two curved rails of 4,5 and 13 meters in length curtains that support

At the heart of an historic district of Auckland, among Victorian and Edwardian architecture, stands the "Ironbank". Stacking clad in Corten steel volumes, commercial and tertiary use building was created by the New Zealand Agency for RTA

The architectural firm Costas Cypriot Koutsoftides sign this Eberstadt to store processing in Germany. An arrangement between furniture and architecture.

In Saint Germain des Prés, the film "The New Odeon" has just opened its doors. Designed by designer Matali for the producer and distributor "Haut et Court," this place welcoming surprised by his household. Between living space and public space.

At Saint-Hilaire-Du-Rosier, near Saint-Marcellin in Isère, the architecture firm L'Autre Factory has transformed this old house into a house for a young couple. The unassuming street facade, space is fluid and contemporary and the wide side garden.

In the city of Rodenbach in Germany, Bayer Uhrig Architekten architectural firm realized this concrete house. Pavilion between standard and contemporary home, it surprises with its wide awnings that decorate and punctuate
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