A Mergoscia in Ticino, the Swiss architects Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron transformed this existing house by grafting a small extension of stone. Elegant and minimal, it offers a unique window on the surrounding mountains.

A Caviano in Switzerland, this house created by architects Markus Wespi and Jérôme de Meuron is opposite the lake and the mountains. Banded with gray wood, rising on 2 levels, it follows the slope to greet the visitor with the upper floor.

Located at the corner of a street, the "Wrapping House" designed by the Korean architectural firm Himma Studio is a house which coils on itself. A second skin in iroko wood dresses its concrete structure, extending from the ground to the roof terrace, unifying site and architecture.

Not far from Stuttgart, in the baroque city of Ludwigsburg, German architects Mark Arnold and Arne Fentzloff studio Architektur 109 have made this extension of an existing home. dressed wooden frame copper, the new construction

In the district of Doulon in Nantes, the architect Boris Nauleau directed "The Hangar", a house with false air of industrial building. Composed of a wooden structure completely covered with corrugated asbestos cement sheets, this house of 128 square meters of living space spreads over

Located in Ayora Spain, this family home is signed Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, architecture studio based in Valencia. White concrete monolith, it clings and nestles in the

A Memmingen in Germany, in the urban fabric of traditional houses, the agency SoHo Architektur just drag the "Haus MuUGN", a modern house volume encased in archetypal

On Schlegelstrasse in Cologne, German architects Jäck Viola and Antonio Molina just slip in between two existing houses and town house with slate facade. Between integration and rupture.
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