Welcoming, receiving, sharing, transmitting… these are the keys to hospitality. A hospitality that never stops evolving, both in the hotel and restaurant sectors. Because habits change, behaviors too. Customers want to be surprised by an atmosphere, a decoration, a universe. Being amazed by increasingly personalized services, but above all pampered, expected and finally listened to...

Located in the heart of the République district, the RaiseLab house is a building of more than 2 m500 resulting from a major restructuring. A former workshop built in the 2s, the building has been completely transformed to meet new challenges. 

Pan Architecture has created five houses of four levels, attached to each other. This architectural expression finds its full meaning in the transition effect created between the small residential and agricultural scale to the south, the collective housing complexes and the volumes of activity. 

In Montevideo, Uruguay, Murillo 1665 finds the DNA of its origin in its implementation. The challenge of this project was to position five 200m2 duplex houses in the same lot while imposing minimal interference with its existing wooded environment, thus maximizing its harmony with nature.
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