Based in Osaka, the Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates agency has created this small wooden pavilion for the University of Tokyo. Made of slatted assembled parts, its walls and roof leave

A Brentwood, California, architect Francois Perrin Air Architecture and the agency devised the "Air House", a small guest house in extension from the residence of an anthropologist. Coated with a second skin polycarbonate

Located in Klosterneuburg in Austria, this sculptural house of concrete and glass is signed by the Viennese architecture firm Caramel Architekten. A single volume and widened to

The Gossens Bachman Architects and the American architecture firm gbArchitects realized this little house of bricks, steel and wood nestled in the lush landscapes of Vermont.

A Ermatingen in Switzerland, the agency has made the tecARCHITECTURE tecARCHITECTURE HQ. Widely open to the surrounding landscape, this white concrete house also houses the offices of the agency.

In Lannion in Cotes d'Armor, Workshop Architects Rubin conducted the house. A banded wooden architecture that stretches and bends to fit the shape of the nearby stream.

In Austin, Texas, this house signed by the architects of Bercy Chen Studio LP crosses volumes and styles. 2 welcoming families, it consists of two buildings connected by a glass walkway.
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