23.01.19 Aires Mateus: Faculty of Tournai

In Tournai (Belgium), in the heart of an islet composed of old industrial and hospital buildings of the eighteenth century, is an intriguing sculptural volume all white trimmed. A minimalist achievement signed by the Portuguese agency Aires Mateus hosting the new Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Catholic University of Louvain formerly located on the campus of the Institution Saint-Luc.

18.01.19 Oskar Zięta: NAWA

A UFO seems to have landed in Wrocław (Poland) ... No risk, however, to see little green men come out, in fact a work of designer and architect Oskar Zięta imagined as part of the revitalization of the island located on the Daliowa River. An organic and brilliant achievement that acts as an allegory of the region, a bridge between past and future.

17.01.19 Studio Seilern Architects: Performance Arts Center

The fame of Wellington College (England) is not likely to falter! With its various teachings, the establishment of Berkshire is now complemented by an arts center established in the extension of the existing theater. A way for studious students who are passionate about the performing arts to practice their talents in a place reminiscent of ancient amphitheatres.

17.01.19 Spartley & Partners: Heather Cottage

Curling around a fire at a winter in Berkshire, England ... A cliché inspiring Spartley & Partners teams in the development of Heather Cottage, a contemporary revisit of the typical English cottage figure, where the warm weathered wood meets the clean forms of Californian villas.

15.01.19 Cadena Studio: Masa

Masa, the new concept imagined by the New York studio Cadena, energizes a residential neighborhood in northern Bogota (Colombia). With its sober and graphic envelope, the set hosts a reception area, a bakery and a restaurant, offering the inhabitants of the region a friendly meeting place.

15.01.19 HENSE: Ragusa Sun

Whether on sports fields or in urban courtyards, frescoes on the ground are more and more frequent. Proof in itself, the students of a high school in Sicily now take their breaks in a colorful outdoor space signed HENSE, a street-artist American.

14.01.19 Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel: IK LAB

In Tulum, in the Mexican peninsula of Yucatan known for its fine sand beaches and Maya remains, as well as for its contemporary cultural centers, the architect and entrepreneur Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel imagines Azulik, a luxury hotel complex that it embellishes with the IK Lab, an avant-garde art gallery inspired by the surrounding jungle. Or when the walls become works of art themselves ...

11.01.19 MVRDV: The Imprint

Conceived by Dutch firm MVRDV, The Imprint is an entertainment complex divided into two buildings whose envelopes are located on the border between disconcerting simplicity and exacerbated fantasy. An amazing architectural paradox located in Seoul (Korea), close to Incheon Airport.

10.01.19 Jesse Rieser: The Changing Landscape of American Retail

The Changing Landscape of American Retail is a photographic roadtrip initiated in 2015 by Jesse Rieser. A series that is in line with the chronicles of peri-urban American life of the one who describes himself as a "student of subtleties". Here, the artist tackles the subject of abandoned malls, abandoned in favor of a trade 2.0.

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