22.03.19 ESADSE: Stefania

Since yesterday, until the 24 next April, the daily life of the Stéphanois is punctuated by the Saint Etienne International Design Biennale (42). Offering a multitude of imagined exhibitions on the theme of common ground, the event is a gold mine of experienced designers and promising talents. Among them, the students of ESADSE have distinguished themselves by developing the city of tomorrow. Focus on a unique vision of the city.

18.03.19 Adjara Group: Stamba Hotel

The old printing press of Tiblissi (Georgia), a patrimonial testimony of Soviet architecture, is defined by an overt gross character. An aspect that has largely inspired the architects of Adjara Group who rehabilitate the manufacture in a luxury hotel, thanks to the addition of elements borrowed from the glamorous universe of the 1930 years.

15.03.19 Angel Borrego Cubero: The Competition

The documentary made in 2008 by the Madrid architect Angel Borrego Cubero, in parallel with the competition of the National Museum of Andorra, is yet to be found, and yet it has something to tantalize the curiosity of architecture enthusiasts. On the bill: Jean Nouvel, Franck Gehry, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid and Norman Foster. In the program ? Sketches, models, carts and sleepless nights. So, how to refuse when the teams of the Parisian agency AZC invited Muuuz's editorial staff to a private screening of this report with a clear sense of humor about the very secret system of architectural competitions. Welcome to the competition!

13.03.19 KUMA & ELSA: Hut of Silver

As mysterious as it is, the forest world will soon have no secrets. Designed to break through the forest, the Hut of Silver at Attignat-Oncin (73) is a discreet structure created by the agency Kuma & Elsa which offers an experience all in shadow and light.

12.03.19 PCA-STREAM: Laborde

A building, two facets. The first is that of a building with classic elegance, purely Parisian while the second refers to contemporary tertiary architecture, while transparency. A duality assumed by the PCA-STREAM teams who realize the new headquarters of the law firm Gide behind the walls of the old Caserne de la Pépinière, in the 8e district of Paris. When past and future converge.

11.03.19 TRACKS: La Ruche School

An amazing Beehive, located in the middle of the village of Perthes-en-Gâtinais (77) buzzes with cries of children. This series of wooden pavilions with a sober layout and recognizable profile, inspired by both children's drawings and the bees' home, actually conceals a nursery school, a work of the Parisian agency TRACKS.

11.03.19 Kimmel Eshkolot: L28

In their early years, restaurateurs rarely enjoy their own space to express themselves and are often forced to reproduce the cuisine of another, failing to give free rein to their creativity. An unfortunate finding that inspires Israeli entrepreneurs who imagine the L28, the first shared facility made available to independent leaders in the heart of Tel Aviv (Israel). A concept generously studied that takes shape thanks to the intervention of architects Kimmel Eschkolot.

08.03.19 V2S Architects: Chai Troglodyte

At the foot of the Alpilles (13), on a classified natural site, the vineyards in the middle of a wilderness invite to contemplation. To encourage it, the winery of Château de Romanin put on the discretion, locked between the rocky hills. Light on the renovation work of V2S architecture, which has kept the minimal footprint of this 1980 building.

06.03.19 YAD Space: Headquarters of Bouygues Immobilier

Since 2009, the premises of Bouygues Immobilier take place in the tower Galéo, a notable building designed by Christian de Portzamparc in Issy-les-Moulinaux (92). While the envelope generated a lot of reactions - both positive and negative - the building owners' offices did not shine with their ergonomics. 10 years later, this is now a thing of the past. Decoding of the company's brand new seat, signed YAD Space.

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