Winner of NAJAP 2009-2010, the Parisian architect Stephane Malka imagined this transformation project of Defense in Paris, parasites inside the Ark to graft accommodation.

Stephane Malka describes his project as a:

"Pocket of Active Resistance. In reaction to oppression and with the desire to create an alternative scenario to social models. The PRA system is a modular complex, offering an alternative system of life and contestation, in permanent insurrection. It allows growth adapted to the effervescence of the spontaneous community. This architectural guerrilla project undertakes to hack the “great ark of fraternity.” Create a pocket of active resistance by welcoming all the discontented, bringing together the neglected, the marginalized , refugees, protesters, dissidents, hippies, utopians and other stateless people. "

For more information, visit the website Stephane Malka.

sources: Inhabitat et Stephanemalka

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