In New York, the architectural firm Peter Gluck and Partners signs the construction of the East Harlem School. A school with a clean, pixelated facade that stands at 309 East 103 Road Street.

On this project, the architects Peter Gluck and Partners specify:

"The new 27,800 square foot ground-up building champions the school's Mission and culture of learning and social awareness through spaces suffused with natural light, Promoting calm, creativity, and collective responsibility. The entry lobby, cafeteria, and multi-purpose gymnasium on the lower floors, used for daily school-wide gatherings and public special events, are all linked by light-filled stairs and gentle ramps. On the bland, translucent, acid-etched glass Provides a hint of the daily activity of students and teachers to the neighborhood as they Come and go. Classrooms lies on the more private upper floors, screened by a fabric-like weave of staggered windows and panels of varying colors and degrees of reflectivity. on the interior, this composition in turn Creates an organized system of tack boards for instructional materials and --other displays. The school Review: had an extremely tight budget, Caused by the high cost Both of plagues That building inner-city schools and the fact That icts Site Was dans le 100-year flood area. "

For more information, visit the website Peter Gluck and Partners.

sources: Peter Gluck and Partners et architizer

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