In Lannion in Cotes d'Armor, Workshop Architects Rubin conducted the house. A banded wooden architecture that stretches and bends to fit the shape of the nearby stream.

On this project, the architects specify:

"The silhouette of this house, a replica of the creek bed located on the property line, is moving toward the vanishing point of the latter. This momentum comes to life inside the project by a route linking different levels such as entry a ramp-exposure and stay. the kitchen, central location of the dwelling and crossing of traffic, extends outside through the full opening of a chassis accordion on a terrace patio. the patio, facing south and sheltered from winds, allows visual relationships between spaces. the floor stretches in length like the circulation of ground floor to a mezzanine overlooking the creek. "

Photo credits: Rubin Architects Workshop

To know more, visit the Workshop Rubin.

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