In partnership with Muuuz, the fifth edition of the Bellastock Architecture Festival will take place from May 21 to 24, 2010 in Carrières-sous-Poissy in Yvelines. On this occasion, up to 1000 students are invited to build an ephemeral city from sandbags. Discover the program.

The Bellastock Architecture Festival, organized by the schools of architecture and Ile School of Decorative Arts, will be held from the 21 24 May on land adjoining sand-mining of GSM-Italcementi located Careers-sub Poissy (78). This year, almost 1000 students can be accommodated to meet a big challenge.

Indeed it is a question of building an ephemeral city starting from a constructive system taking again a typical element of the construction of the emergency: the sandbag.

After using 2009 distribution of pallets, the 2010 edition of Bellastock Festival organized in collaboration with the GSM-Italcementi sand quarry of Carrières-sous-Poissy (78), celebrates the construction made from ground and wishes for its fifth edition, enrich the project of awareness to the habitat of the emergency.

But this event is above all an opportunity to invent and experiment with the construction of temporary housing systems on a scale of 1, and this outdoor workshop is an opportunity for these students from different schools and nationalities, to put in place a work of cooperation and sharing of architectural culture.

On the other hand, this edition of the Bellastock festival opens up to a new problematic, that of the meantime of the urban project. Indeed, this event is in dialogue with the development policy carried out at the level of the Agglomeration Community of Deux Rives de Seine and the City of Carrières. The reconquest of industrial rights-of-way constituting an important part of the urban project "a centrality for Carrières".

In addition, the Bellastock Festival is part of an environmentally friendly approach and offers fertile ground for the development of ecological machines and processes to improve the city within the location. Thus, energy expenditure is limited in order to limit the environmental impact of the Festival:

Only the bags are the subject of an acquisition, and will be filled using the sand resources from the quarry where the festival is located for an almost zero carbon footprint. In addition, food comes from local businesses, waste is sorted, treated and even recycled in buildings; and a maximum of light and recyclable materials are used in order to leave no trace of the intervention once the site has been restored.

So that the course of this event is optimal, all necessary safety measures have been taken: security service for the duration of the festival, access control, information from the firefighters and police, emergency services presence on site (Red Cross - Emergency Preparedness). On noise, a prefectural order was issued.

To discover the work of architecture students, you can go to the festival site on Saturday May 22 15h to 20h. Access will be by the Vanderbilt Avenue at the keeper's house (junction with the rue de la Chapelle).


Friday May 21:

Arrival and construction of the first habitats that serve as shelters for festival

Saturday May 22:

Construction of the "city" and inauguration

open door to 14h00 18h30

Sunday May 23:

Student participation in community life and in the joint project.

Monday May 24:

The city is deconstructed and the original land is rehabilitated

For more information, visit the website Bellastock.

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