In Saint Malo, architects and Tassot Trionnaire The agency A / LTA and The Trionnaire and Chaplain of the agency mxg come to deliver Marines to Chasles, an operation of 47 housing and office-like architecture of port .

On this project, the architects specify:

"The project is in urban areas located east of the penetrating end of the road to Rennes, and near the basin Bouvet.

The interest of the site comes from the encounter of 2 differentiated urban landscapes that give it a unique identity.

The volume of the building is linked to a sensitive approach to these systems 2. The goal is to bring the neighborhood a kind of balance between the existing buildings, to extend an architectural identity of port type, docks, already mentioned by buildings facing our project.

Distributed along 4 ways, the project is divided into 3 separate buildings of heights and volumetrics characteristics in response to the scale of the surrounding buildings in specific which it fits with respect.

He offers this neighborhood become a contemporary reinterpretation of the port architecture. It is a response to the issue of the location of our land in the town of Saint Malo. "

For more information, visit the agency website a / LTA and that of mxg agency.

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