In East Otto in the US, Christopher Romano, Nick Bruscia, Shadi Nazarian and one hundred Buffalo University architecture students have designed concepts of habitats minimum plywood. Many volumes joined to one another to form a "living wall".

"100 first year students in the Department of Architecture at the University at Buffalo are Developing Proposals to design and construct a minimum dwelling unit That They Will occupy for a period of 24 hours. Each unit must Accommodate an entrance, internal circulation, and sleeping areas for a minimum of three people. Individual units are adjacent to one Placed Reviews another and share boundaries THUS Creating a party wall provided entre adjoining single structural Where structures and programmatic requirements might begin to evolve.

Once transported to the website will be Reassembled projects and assumes Their final position as a linear community of buildings, titled the Living Wall. The students will-have a single opportunity to Spend a 24 hour period In Their structures after-They Are Reassembled on site. This experience will enable the students to better Understand the consequences of Their decisions and to explore the Successes and Shortcomings of Their structures.

The Proposed structures That You see on exhibit-have-been Studied at Progressively larger scales and various modes of representation. They will be constructed Ultimately at full-scale and transported to the Griffis Sculpture Park (Located in Cattaraugus County entre Ashford Hollow and East Otto) Where They Will Remain on display through October 23, 2010. "

photographs: The Living Wall on Flickr

To know more, visit the website for The Living Wall

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