More than a house built in the trees, "Baubotanical" is an architecture made of living trees imagined by a group of students from the University of Stuttgart. Green and inspiring.

Wishing to study the elasticity of trees and their growth around steel supports, these students have indeed imagined a tower 9 meters high made up of hundreds of white willow planted in the ground and enclosing 3 platforms in steel tubes of 8 m² each.

Guided by a temporary vertical structure, trees continue to grow to form the structure and the filling of this building like no other, a process that should take at 8 10 years.

Using living wood as a material, these students offer us an offbeat look at wood construction and lay the foundations for constantly changing architectures. The "Baubotanical" project could thus inspire many creations, in particular for the realization of light constructions and in natural environment.

Source: Inhabitat

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